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We design beautiful spaces custom made to attract more bookings and increase your property’s revenue.

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Short Term Rental Design

Minimalist Furniture Interior Design

In today's world, vacation homes and short-term rentals are expected to display a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that is stylish, memorable, and Instagrammable. Rae Design Interiors provides this exact service to help your space get noticed.

Our design experience will expedite the entire process, saving you valuable time to get your property up and running.

Creative designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the interior designer and the client. Work with us to stand out in the crowd with a customized design that is sure to get your space noticed and booked!

stylish spaces & increased bookings

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Virtual Design: perfect for the diyer

Ideal for the DIY type seeking designer guidance or inspiration for your new rental.

design discussion

area research

mood board designs

space layouts

2 revisions/redesigns

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Design & project management: give me the specs

The complete package for rental owners looking to enhance their bookings and revenue.

design discussion

area research

mood board designs

space layouts

3 revisions/redesigns

shopping spreadsheet

access to industry discounts

order placement & tracking

organize space staging

organize photography of the space

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Mood board designs

Rustic Farmhouse

Any style, let us pull together your mood board to get the ideas flowing.



This project combined productivity and relaxation to create and versatile and efficient home office.

Project: Eclectic Modern Home Office

Year: 2023

Type: Residential

This design exhibits a luxurious boho aesthetic that is free-spirited and flowing. It has a soft and warm color palette with some gold accents, balancing both dark wood tones with pastels.

Project: Eclectic Living Room

Year: 2024

Type: Residential

Pho Quoc Cafe

Project: American Meets Vietnamese Cuisine

Year: 2021

Type: Commercial

A Warm Home

Project: Eclectic, Modern, Boho Living and Dining Room

Year: 2022

Type: Residential



Project: Traditional Boho Bath

Year: 2023

Type: Residential

This project was located in Lakewood, CA in a standard single-family home. The project's scope is renovating and updating the common shared bath. The project consisted of updating the restroom with new fixtures and an overall new style and aesthetic. The bathroom was renovated to be accessible for the "average" family to increase the home's resale value.

Site Analysis & Conceptual Design

The site analysis of the project found it was located in the middle of the house, had no natural lighting available, and would require some rerouting of plumbing.

The conceptual design incorporated a natural and calm color palette. The space will be made to feel airy and fresh after each use.


If you’re looking for some free tips and tricks here's a brief guide to get you started on decorating your getaway retreat. Remember, decorating your vacation home is all about creating a space that feels welcoming, comfortable, and reflective of your personal style and open to the style of your guests. So, don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

Click the download button to get your free ‘how-to’ guide now!

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Let's work together

Design with confidence to create a stunning and sought after rental! Book you free consultation today!

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